Digital decision makers do the hard work for you

Displayz uses digital decision makers called agents to decide when it’s the optimal moment to show your content. Think about those juicy fruit smoothies your bar serves on hot summer days, no point in having them on the big screen when there’s a thunderstorm roaring outside the door!

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More than an old school time-consuming signage solution

Displayz gets heaps of information from partner services to enrich your content. Think about a warm welcome for that important client with their name and company logo at the entrance to your building, directly guiding them to their meeting room, you focus on the important stuff!

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Restaurant Owners

Love displayz


Digital decision makers called “agents”

Agents make sure your content is only being shown when and to who you intented!


No expensive hardware needed, easier than plug and play

Displayz can run on nearly any device with a browser and an internet connection


Your data, secured and made private

Displayz uses high level encryption to make sure your data, remains your data


Device and location management at your fingertips

Manage all your devices and locations in a single spot, wherever you are!

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Pricing Plans

We offer 2 plans, a free forever, and forever unlimited. Take a look and choose whichever suits you best, you can still change this later on!


Always Free

  • Devices Limited to 5
  • Agents Basic agents
  • Content Templates Basic
  • Support Available

€5Per Device
Per Month

Always Unlimited

  • Devices Unlimited
  • Agents Unlimited
  • Content streams Unlimited
  • Templates Unlimited
  • Backup 24/7
  • Support 24/7