Step 2: Build your content

Displayz allows you to build content that matters in an extremely simple and intuitive manner. Point and click on ellements that you want to change, choose wether you want static data or source it externally!

Step 3: Build your Flows

Displayz’s digital decision agents help you get the right content to the correct audience on the right time! Choose of numerous agents to tailer your content just right!

Step 4: Stay in the helicopter seat

Displayz gives you a clear overview of what’s happening with your content and your devices, no need for daily in depth check-ups, walks through your business to see if everything is in order. Your Displayz dashboard will put you in the helicopter seat so you can have an overview of what’s happening.

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“ Displayz is more than your average signage solution, it simplifies boring and time consuming processes automatically while keeping me up to dat on what’s happening “


Device & location management

Easily manage all your devices, on different locations in one place.


Smart Decision makers called agents

Display Agents help manage your content so your audience only sees relevant stuff


100% customisable by you, and your team

Want a different font, add your logo or some different images? Go for it!


Unlimitted posibilities

Displayz grows with you, and will always be able to keep up with your needs


No expensive hardware needed

Displayz only needs a browser and an internet connection, that’s it!


Simpler than plug and play

Use your existing hardware or buy displayz’ recomended devices


Powerfull tools to make your signage worth your efforts

Display is built around a handfull of crazy powerfull tools to make your signage come to life so much easier


Live data content at your fingertips

Looking to integrate the last football scores or the current weather forecast into your content? Sure!


Detailed reporting on what’s doing well and how you could

Wether its hardware problems or outdated content, we’ll make sure to let you know!


Everything is secure and private

Display uses an advanced encryption system to make your content, remains your content!

Pricing Plans

We offer 2 plans, a free forever, and forever unlimited. Take a look and choose whichever suits you best, you can still change this later on!


Always Free

  • Devices Limited to 5
  • Agents Basic agents
  • Content Templates Basic
  • Support Available

€5Per Device
Per Month

Always Unlimited

  • Devices Unlimited
  • Agents Unlimited
  • Content streams Unlimited
  • Templates Unlimited
  • Backup 24/7
  • Support 24/7

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